3 thoughts on “The New Weird: Examining the Nebulous Genre That Inspired Remedy Entertainment’s Control

  1. Great article!

    Control is easily my favorite game in recent memory, and I’ve read Vandermeer, Mieville, and loads of the SCP articles, but up until reading your article somehow I’ve never heard of the actual “New Weird” genre itself!

    Seems like Kentucky Route Zero could also be one of the most fully-realized examples of a “New Weird” video game, alongside Control too.

    1. Glad you like it! Agreed, its a woefully underappreciated genre.

  2. Don’t forget about The Secret World. Didn’t take off, but the MMO was the first game I can think of that fully embraces a modern weird aesthetic. In fact I discovered Control from a group of TSW players looking for more games like it. I’d recommend playing The Secret World just for the story-line alone. Freaking amazing.

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