3 thoughts on “World Of Warcraft’s Creepiest Mystery: The Upside-Down Sinners

  1. If you follow the process to unlock the Lucid Nightmare mount, it’ll unlock the entry into the crypt. You find the mount, after finishing the other steps, inside on a huge mountain of bones. Yes, the sinners are still in there too.

  2. This room is a tribute to the John Carpenter movie, “Big Trouble in Little China.” The main character, Jack Burton, and his best friend, Wang Chi, go through the room, Hell of the Upside Down Sinners, (which is exactly like this screenshot but much creepier,) when they’re trying to save Wang Chi’s girlfriend from the villain, Lo Pan. Whomever put this in the game is a massive John Carpenter fan. Awesome.

  3. With all the other nods to movies, television , etc.; this is likely an easter egg to Big Trouble in Little China

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