Month: March 2019

7 minute read

PAX East 2019: Day 1 Previews

After an eventful first day of PAX East 2019 which saw the reveal of Borderlands 3, it is clear that even though the venue seems to have fewer of AAA games than in previous years, there is still a surplus of innovative […]

2 minute read

Borderlands 3 Announced, Partially Corroborates Previous Leak

After more than four years since the last entry in the series, Gearbox has officially announced Borderlands 3. Featuring four new playable characters, the launch trailer has a feast of new information. We see a diverse set of locales including swampy […]

3 minute read

PAX East 2019: Preview

As PAX East approaches, it’s time to take stock of a few of the games we will likely be covering in the coming days. Spanning from Thursday, March 28 to Sunday, March 31st, PAX East will host a wide variety […]

11 minute read

7 Board Games Worth Trying

Like their video game counterparts, board games have come a long way in a short space of time. A generation ago, board games were limited to a select few titles like Scrabble or Risk, games which spent most of their […]

8 minute read

Captain Marvel Review | Empowerment with a Cause

More than a decade into the MCU experiment, the films included in the canon have established a steady rhythm. They tend to be fun romps that place emphasis on quips and charm, occasionally with some sort of genre pastiche thrown […]

The Umbrella Academy
5 minute read

More Hit Than Miss | The Umbrella Academy (Spoilers)

There is a lot that can be said about new Netflix original series The Umbrella Academy. Its got aged superheroes, time travel, a mysterious end of the world agenda and most importantly one of the best soundtracks to a TV […]

11 minute read

The Must Watch Anime on Netflix US

This list only accounts for the shows available in North America as of 3/10/19. From the rise of live action and CG reboots of Disney films to the ascent of Pixar and similar studios, it is clear that 2D animation […]

3 minute read

Can Google monopolise the gaming industry too?

Google is one of the largest companies in the world, pretty much monopolising how we use the internet. From the humble beginnings of the search engine, we now see Google, and its umbrella corporation Alphabet, have at least a tertiary […]

6 minute read

Why Don’t We Complete Games?

With research suggesting the gaming industry has finally surpassed the video and music industry overall for the first time, it seems the generation of kids brought up on video games just won’t stop playing, however much that annoys their fathers […]

7 minute read

The Dragon Prince Season 2 Review | Second Times The Charm

After a promising but somewhat slight first run of episodes, The Dragon Prince has returned with a season that capitalizes on the previously established characters and world-building. Taking place in a fantasy setting where humans and elves maintain a tenuous […]

8 minute read

Wargroove Review: Let Loose The Puppers Of War!

War never changes, but this one is pretty adorable. Wargroove is a new strategy game for PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, inspired by the Advance Wars series. Shifting from an industrial setting to light fantasy, the game is full […]