1 minute read

Bethesda Officially Joins Xbox

After receiving approval from the European Commission for the deal, Microsoft goes ahead with it’s $7.5 billion purchase of Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax, bringing Bethesda and other studios under the ownership of Microsoft. “This is an exciting day for Xbox. […]

2 minute read

Microsoft Has Acquired Bethesda Softworks

In a move that is sure to shake up the industry, Microsoft announced today that they have acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks. Microsoft now owns Bethesda and all of its studios — Bethesda Game Studios, id […]

sea of thieves
1 minute read

Sea Of Thieves Steam Release Set For June 3rd

Back in April, it was announced that Rare’s Sea of Thieves, which was previously only available for PC through the Microsoft Store, would be coming to Steam. The Steam release date has now been confirmed as the 3rd of June, […]

10 minute read

The Best Halo Games | Ranked

Ah, Halo. A long and storied series of games. The first-person shooter franchise traces its roots back to 2001’s Halo: Combat Evolved, a title that established the Xbox as a major contender in the console arena and raised the profile of its […]

Ninja Theory
2 minute read

E3 2019: Microsoft | Obsidian Shows Off Trailer For The Outer Worlds

A typically dramatic countdown clock heralded the beginning of this year’s Microsoft contest, and we might be in for a good’un. Obsidian Entertainment opened the show with its sci-fi epic The Outer Worlds, which looks like an absolute bucketload of […]

Ninja Theory
1 minute read

E3 2019: Microsoft | Ninja Theory Debuts New Multiplayer Title

Ninja Theory has taken the spot as Xbox Game Studios’ flagship new acquisition. They return, here, to share a game they had in the works long before they were bought out by one of the world’s largest corporations. The third-person […]

2 minute read

Microsoft Confirms Purchase Of Obsidian, inExile Entertainment

Microsoft revealed this week that it has acquired two independent RPG developer studios, Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment. The announcement came at Microsoft’s X018 event in Mexico city, known as a “global celebration of all things Xbox”. During the event, […]

Paul Allen
2 minute read

Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen Has Passed Away

The co-founder of Microsoft, the multinational technology company, Paul Allen, died at the age of 65 on Monday. According to Allen’s family, the 65-year old philanthropist died from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is a cancer of the lymphatic system. […]

2 minute read

Move To Streaming Backed By New Report

We recently published an article about Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemots assertion that the next generation of traditional consoles will be the last, as the industry moves away from physical copies of games and towards streaming. Well now, according to a […]

Halo 3
6 minute read

Halo is in Decline. Can it Make a Resurgence?

Ah, Halo. The Xbox’s original killer app. A franchise with a long and storied history, the Halo series has been a mainstay in gaming culture for almost two decades. In most games, players assume the role of Master Chief, a […]

Xbox One Microsoft Windows
3 minute read

Microsoft Trying To Make Xbox App More PC Gamer Friendly

Those of us who are currently running Windows 10 on our home/office computers will know that the Xbox application comes installed as standard, and aims to bring the games console closer to the PC, and vice-versa. It does this by […]

halo infinite
4 minute read

343 Industries Nabs Seasoned Naughty Dog Texture Artist

Texture Artist Rogelio Olguin, who has been a part of the Naughty Dog team for over 6 years and played a pivotal creative role in The Last of Us and Uncharted series, is leaving the developer after receiving an offer […]

7 minute read

Reading Between The Lines: Microsoft’s New Direction for Xbox

At this year’s E3, Phil Spencer took to the stage during the Microsoft conference and presented many new developments in the world of Xbox. He hinted at a new direction for Microsoft, one where they focus on letting gamers play […]