The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln
2 minute read

AMC Reveals Last Episodes For The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes, main character of AMC’s The Walking Dead played by Andrew Lincoln, officially has only two episodes remaining. Trailers have been released for episodes 9×04 and 9×05, in which AMC has coined them “Rick’s final two episodes”. Episode 9×04 […]

6 minute read

Telltale Games And The Legacy Of The Walking Dead Season One

After a majority studio closure late last month, Telltale Games laid off the remaining members of its skeleton crew a few days ago. There were some preexisting signs that the studio was in trouble, namely a large series of layoffs […]

3 minute read

The Walking Dead Season 9 Premiere: Review

  The Walking Dead Season 9 Premiere ushered in an era of “New Beginnings” on Sunday, with new leaders, new relationships, and new problems. In a slow start, The Walking Dead sets the scene for life after Negan’s reign, as […]

3 minute read

Telltale Games Suffers A Majority Studio Closure

In a statement via Ars Technica, Telltale Games has announced that the majority of the studio has been laid of, leaving a staff of 25 remaining employees to “fulfill the company’s commitment to its board and partners”. Their CEO Peter […]

26 minute read

Emotional Gaming – 12 Times Games Made Us Cry

You can probably tell by the features on this site that we are strong advocates of the unique capabilities of video-game storytelling. That being said, it takes a truly special game indeed to immerse a player so completely in a […]