Month: May 2018

animal crossing games mindfulness
5 minute read

Practicing Mindfulness Through Video Games

I’ve always found comfort in video games. When I’m having a particularly stressful day, not feeling too great mentally or just need to de stress for a little while, I always know there’s a game I can boot up to […]

6 minute read

The Story of Quantic Dream and Hollywood Storytelling

­Taking a shower, drying yourself with a towel, then going downstairs and making a coffee. All mundane activities in the real world, but whack that into a video game and suddenly it becomes the interactive phenomenon of the decade. Quantic […]

Far cry 5
10 minute read

The Hidden Story Of Far Cry 5

Despite appearing to be a cheap shock value twist, the ending of Far Cry 5 tells a beautiful, haunting tale about prophecy, fate, and religion.

Edith Finch themes in games
11 minute read

Themes in Games: What Remains of Edith Finch Analysis

This is the first post in the ongoing series Themes in Games, in which we explore some of the ideas at the core of recently released titles. The video game industry has been doing a lot of growing up in […]

detroit become human narrative piece
12 minute read

The Art of the Video Game Narrative

What essentially is a ‘narrative’? Is it a story? An experience? A journey of emotion? In short: yes. More than this however, it is a reality. Watching a film or a TV show is a rather unusual experience when you […]