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PlayStation Showcase 2021 Predictions

That’s right folks, it’s finally happening, we are getting an official big boy PlayStation Showcase this Thursday September 9th. The hype is careening through the roof, and Sony itself is leaning into it, not deconfirming one thing besides a showing […]

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Opinion: We’ve Waited Long Enough For A New PlayStation Showcase

Folks, I’m just gonna put out there what everyone has been thinking since the middle of June: We’ve waited long enough for Sony’s next big PlayStation showcase. I’m not talking about the occasional State of Play or the more focused-on-one-game […]

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Sony Completes Acquisition Of Crunchyroll

As of Monday, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) announced that it had completed its acquisition of Crunchyroll through Funimation Global Group, LLC. The $1.175 billion purchase was initially announced in December of last year. Crunchyroll is one of the largest anime-oriented […]

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Report: PlayStation 5 Shortages May Extend Into 2022

According to Bloomberg, Sony expects that the ongoing supply issues surrounding the PlayStation 5 may extend into next year. In an internal briefing with analysts, the company confirmed that they will unlikely be able to keep up with demand for […]

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Sony Announces That PS5s Will Only Be Available Online At Launch

With the release of the Playstation 5 fast approaching, Sony has announced that the console will only be available through online retailers on launch day. The next-generation system will be available on November 12th or November 19th depending on your region. This […]

PlayStation 5
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Playstation 5 Gets Holiday 2020 Release and Hardware Updates

Earlier today, CEO Jim Ryan declared that Sony’s next console (to nobody’s surprise) would be named the Playstation 5, and that it would see a holiday 2020 release date, presumably to try and get the consumer christmas demand, and perhaps […]

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5 Things We Could Expect from PlayStation 5

With Sony recently announcing plans to release a next-generation console sooner rather than later, there is a lot of speculation of what they might be planning. Let’s start with the most likely things, before moving on to the more speculative […]

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PS Vita Manufacturing Will Discontinue in Japan After 2019

Sony has announced that they will cease production of the PS Vita in Japan after 2019. The news was confirmed in an interview with Famistu by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Senior Vice President, Hiroyuki Oda. Oda further explained that there are […]

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Reading Between The Lines: Microsoft’s New Direction for Xbox

At this year’s E3, Phil Spencer took to the stage during the Microsoft conference and presented many new developments in the world of Xbox. He hinted at a new direction for Microsoft, one where they focus on letting gamers play […]

death stranding
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Death Stranding Gets Confusing Gameplay Trailer

The extended look at Death Stranding, presented at Sony’s E3 2018 conference, shows off the games incredible settings and character models, as well as Norman Reedus insane ability to carry a large crate into any situation, using his presumably muscular […]

Sony conference
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Ghost Of Tsushima Is Going To Be Brilliant

Ghost of Tsushima’s gameplay trailer had the daunting task of following Naughty Dog’s latest effort into the arena of eternal judgement. Sony have started strongly and, again, they have chosen to open with somebody playing live music. We jump into […]

The Last of Us Part 2
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Sony Present Extended Look At The Last Of Us Part II At E3

PlayStation opened their 2018 E3 conference with a haunting, if somewhat random, banjo performance, before jumping straight into an extended look at Naughty Dog’s much anticipated sequel to The Last of Us. Ellie is older, and seemingly spending her nights playing tonsil […]

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Stream Me Up Scotty

Streaming services are nothing new, but if Ubisoft’s CEO’s latest comment is anything to go by  it looks like hardware could become a thing of the past. Streaming services have always sounded good in premise, but for the most part […]

destiny 2 banner photo
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Sony Hilariously Blurs Xbox Controller For New Destiny Trailer

The battle between Sony and Microsoft for console supremacy kind of feels like one of those mythical wars from fantasy movies that has been going on for thousands of years, with neither able to fully kill the other because they’re […]

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Gaming Celebrates Pride Month

LGBT Pride month has grown from relative obscurity, to join the likes of Black history month as a nationally acknowledged celebration.  With that level of public awareness comes businesses trying to market themselves using Pride, gaming companies as well. Twitch […]